Monday, September 5, 2011

Rainy Day, Don't Go Away!

Today is the perfect rainy day. I woke up early to go to hot yoga with my friends Kate and Ashley. Last night, Kate had a small dinner party that Ashley and I went to, and it was wonderful as usual. Kate is a great entertainer, and she was prepared with smoked salmon (that her father smoked, of course), pork roast, and fancy cocktails. It was a great night, and I am so blessed to have such great friends. Of course, cocktails and wine do not bode well for an 8 AM hot yoga class... 

Kate and I made it, but Ashley did not. I don't blame her at all... she has been working hard and deserved to sleep in. The class was waaaaaay harder than I anticipated. It was hot power fusion, so it was over 100 degrees and I could not take it. I felt like fainting and/or throwing up multiple times during the class. I had to revert to child's pose multiple times. I am in awe of Kate- she takes all these workout classes with me and Ashley and she always outlasts both of us! She is awesome!! We did bodypump on Sunday and she stayed for kickboxing while Ashley and I hobbled out of there with our tails between our legs.

After getting out of the hot, humid room I immediately felt better. As soon as I stepped outside, I knew it was going to be a great day. It was cloudy and slightly warm and humid, kind of tropical. Jeff and I took Toby for a leisurely walk through the park, and came back and made eggs for breakfast together. After lounging around for a bit and cuddling with Toby, we went to see Captain America downtown (which was SO GOOD by the way). When we came out of the theater, it was actually raining. Hmm rain in San Diego while the rest of the country seems to be having sunny weather? I guess the tables have turned! I love this type of weather. It makes me just want to curl up at home with a book and some tea. Which I think I am going to do soon!

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  1. Hi pretty lady!!! LMAO!!! I finally found you, woooo-hooo!!!! You have such a beautiful blog, and such an articulate & thoughtful writer you are! I love it.

    I'm at work so I won't be able to run through and catch up on your recent posts, but I wanted to drop you a quick comment and say hi! :-) My identity is on the down low on my blog, but I'm sure you'll know who I am. Hee hee.

    I hope you're having a fantastic week. Oh, and you must post pics of Toby!

    See you soon!